Brazilian Gourmet Coffee

Dutch Company of Commerce partner with coffee growers of Poços de Caldas region in Brazil in order to supply you with gourmet/specialty Brazilian coffee.

Pocos de Caldas – Sul de Minas Region
Pocos de Caldas farms are on the slopes of the largest volcanic crater in the world that provides a very favourable soil for high quality coffees. 
The vast majority of coffee plantations in the region are geared to sunlight for almost the whole day and at the night due to altitude of Poços de Caldas the temperature drops that is unique and great climate conditions for coffee beans that is hard to find in other places of Brazil. 
Poços de Caldas soil is watered by thermal springs and is rich in minerals. These natural conditions provide grains with unique balance among body, sweetness and acidity - sensory qualities rarely found in other coffees.
The naturally dry process in Poços de Caldas climate conditions implies a much higher quality standard for this region coffees as compared to other regions in Brazil.
Poços de Caldas region has been chosen as the region of the first Nespresso’s ‘pure origin’, due to the particular coffee properties and qualities. The Nespresso’s AAA program that involves high quality coffees and high level of respect to social life and the environment.
Harvest process is made entirely by handpicking without using machines unlike in other mayor production areas in Brazil.
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