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Vision Real Estate Group is a subsidiary company of Vision Group and a worldwide Real Estate company, present in South America, North America and Europe and whose objective is to help you buy the property of your dreams.

You determine what kind of property you are looking for (geographical location, size and purpose of use: residential, commercial and/or industrial) and we will help you to find it. Despite we will support you through the process of its acquisition.

We can independently monitor the negotiations between parties before the price and conditions of the contract is accepted and the contract is signed. In addition, we require a study of title property to be run for the buyer against any title defects to protect.

We can also help you to prepare a pre-closing contract (provisional purchase contract). This document describes all the possible costs and gives you insight into the possible defects of the property. In general in the process of sale and purchase of the property, the buyer and the seller should co-inspect the property to determine whether defects are present in the property and if renovation of the property is necessary. We always recommend an independent company to turn to test whether such repairs are properly carried out.

Success for our clients means that all of their expectations are met and exceeded, and that the decisions clients make during the entire process come from a position of being fully informed and confident.

Our ongoing mission is to assist buyers and sellers in making the best real estate decisions possible by providing relevant knowledge, collaboration, professionalism and a memorable experience.

This mission will guide us in our achievement of our collective vision of being the clear and acknowledged leader in our marketplace in sales activity, professional skills, innovation and results for our customers and clients.

On this page you can find videos, photos and all information about all our new properties releases in South America, North America (United states of America and Canada), Central America and countries of the European Union. At the end of each video you can find the email address of the person to be contacted regarding the aforementioned property.

A preliminary purchase contract has therefore an added value.

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