United States of America

Wexlon Law supports individuals, governments, private and government companies and, non-profit institutions in United States of America.

The cultural knowledge, understanding of local business environment and necessary contacts of our professionals enables us to do that in an efficient manner.

The Professionals of Wexlon Law have extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:

► National and international law, legal advice, mediation and litigation in the following areas:

♦ Tax Law

♦ Civil Law

♦ Trade Law

♦ Customs law

♦ Criminal Law

♦ Contract Law

♦ Debt collection

♦ Consumer Law

♦ Commercial Law

♦ Construction Law

♦ Administrative Law

♦ Intellectual Property Law

♦ Banking and financial law

♦ Mediation and Arbitration

♦ Family and Inheritance Law

♦ Migration and Immigration Law

♦ Property Law and Real Estate Law

♦ Labour, Employment Law and Social Security

♦ Technology and Information Security Law for Americans Market

♦ Among other legal fields

► Logistics, transport, shipping and Customs Issues

Wexlon Law supports companies that want to do business and / or to invest in United States of America or would like to set up the branch in United States of America.

Wexlon Law also help Americans companies to set up their business Worldwide.

Wexlon Law works as a team of highly qualified lawyers across geographic boundaries to serve you in the best possible way

Wexlon Law's lawyers operate under the Dutch model and in accordance with the highest standards of service quality as well as respect and excellence in customer service.

The professionals of Wexlon Law are not only experts in local laws, but also have a deep understanding of the cultural and business environment.

Wexlon Law's service philosophy is based on a disciplined approach to representing and protecting our clients' interests in the most efficient and proficient manner possible.

Wexlon Law places a collaborative relationship at the heart of its legal practice, understanding the unique needs and requirements of its clients.

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